Election Reverberations of Another Sort

CNN election night hologram

Am I pleased with the outcome of the presidential election? You betcha.

The thing that really intrigued me last night, however, was not the electoral count but the technology with which various networks delivered their coverage of it, from John King’s smart board to holographic guest appearances on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN set to Ann Curry’s strolls about a virtual temple of data.

NBC revealed the ProCyc green screen beneath and around Curry’s stiletto heels at Brian Wiliams’ request. When Williams lauded Curry for traversing the green space so aptly and convincingly, she remarked something to the effect that she would do whatever it takes to get the information out to the American people. I like Ann Curry, but What? If the media we fashion shape us as media consumers, how will decisions about what looks good in HD affect not only how we see information presented but what information is presented? To echo my friend Bettie’s lament today, I miss Tim Russert, whose simple enthusiasm and handheld white board was always a welcome contrast to the grooming and graphics of the rest of the media, save PBS, where simple talk and opinion sharing still matters.