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Resurrection & Redirection

Work spaceI first conceived this site as a means to accomplish three ends:

  1. Learn WordPress.
  2. Practice hosting a site on my own LAMP server.
  3. Create a marketing piece for me as a prospective faculty member.

Three things happened that help to explain the nearly-two-year lapse in posts on the site:

  1. I became focused on my dissertation to the exclusion of everything else, including the public portion of this blog. I actually used the blog as a means for “memoing” during my research and writing, so there are forty-three posts here that you cannot see.
  2. The LAMP server I set up stopped serving up my blog, and I was not proficient enough in L, A, M, or P to troubleshoot it effectively.
  3. I was hired at Dominican.

I recently resurrected the blog and migrated it to a web hosting service, and I’ll be working to redirect it as a reflection of the work I’m doing at Dominican and in the library community.  Stay tuned…

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