Information on School Libraries for Educational Administrators

[ ] What’s the Evidence on Districts’ use of Evidence?

[ ] The Case For Libraries and Librarians by Stephen Krashen

[ ] ISLMA (Illinois School Library Media Association)

Rich repository of resources for Illinois school libraries and librarians. See particularly

[ ] School Libraries Work!

This research foundation paper brings together position statements from a variety of organizations and findings from two decades of empirical studies that cite the measurable impact school libraries and library media specialists have on student achievement.

[ ] The Power of Technology to Enhance Learning by David Loertscher in Digital Teacher Librarian

[ ] Story of the Strong Libraries Strong Scores Conference

[ ] “State staffing requirements” and “Some design considerations” from Doug Johnson

[ ] Library and Media Center Facilities Design–K-12

Information on the design and planning of K-12 school libraries, compiled by the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities.

See particularly

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